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KSM Blade Z11 / 3920309
Equivalent to the Z-11 / 3910309
KSM Blade Z11 / 3910309 / HTZ-013 / Compatible knife for KSM automated cutting machine
Description: Double-edged blade with universal applications. Similar to HTZ-12, but with a smaller overcut and shorter life expectancy.
Thickness: 1,5 mm.
Tools: Universal Cutting Tool (UTC) - Drag knife.

Composition: HM - Hard Metal.

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KSM Blade Z11 3920309
Nanjing Makas Carbide Knives Co.,Ltd. manufactures and supplies a full line of carbide knives and blades for Aoke, Aristo, Atom, Axyz, Bullmer, Colex, Comagrav, Comelz, Ecocam, Esko, Kongsberg, Expert, Gerber, Humantec, Iecho, KSM, Lectra, Summa, Teseo, Texi, Zund, Haase, Kimla, Ibertec, Wild Leica, Elitron, Ruizhou, Jingwei, Newbull, Dyss, Delta and so on.

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